Calliope Auditions: Titanic

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Calliope announces auditions for Titanic, a musical by Peter Stone and Maury Yeston.

Titanic, the exciting Broadway block-buster production with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and a book by Peter Stone, garnered five Tony Awards - including the award for Best Musical in 1997. Calliope’s production of this show is a 2012 ensemble version that uses 20 performers to portray all 50 characters, with an abstract set design, projections of the ship and its passengers, and orchestrations designed to make the score sound as though it is being played by the ship’s band.

The Cast

  • Males - Adult: 13 adults (ages 20's - 60+)
  • Male - Teen: 1 teen (age 16 - 18)
  • Females: 6 adults (ages late teens - 60+)

    (All of them are British, unless otherwise specified)

    CAPTAIN EDWARD J SMITH: The commodore and most popular captain of the White Star Line. Was due to retire but persuaded to take the maiden voyage of Titanic as his final voyage. Must have a light grey or white beard and have a certain dignity and bearing. Captain Smith was 62 so playing age range late-50s/early-60s.

    J BRUCE ISMAY: 1st class. Chairman of the White Star Line and de facto owner of the Titanic. Very business-like and well-spoken. Must have a particular style moustache. Survived. Ismay was 49, so playing age range mid-40s/mid-50s.

    THOMAS ANDREWS, Irish: 1st class. Designer of the Titanic, who used the maiden voyage to fine-tune the ship. Has the most dramatic solo of the show describing the sinking. Relatively softly spoken but somewhat self-effacing. Andrews was 39, so playing age range early-30s/late-40s.

    WILLIAM MURDOCH, Scottish: Was supposed to be Chief Officer but demoted to First Officer for the maiden voyage. Was in charge of the ship when it struck the iceberg. Murdoch was 39, so playing age range early-30s/late-40s.

    HERBERT PITMAN: Third officer. Has some important descriptive solo work near the beginning then almost disappears. Pitman was 34, so playing age range late-20s/late-30s.

    HAROLD BRIDE: One of the two wireless operators (wireless being the very latest thing). Bride was 28, so playing age range early-20s/early-30s.

    FREDERICK BARRETT: Stoker, working the boilers. Some excellent solo singing work. Barrett was 28, so playing age range early-20s/late-30s.

    FREDERICK FLEET: One of the two look-outs on duty when the ship struck the iceberg. A few lines in the opening, a few lines of dialogue in Act Two but an important solo in the Act One finale. Fleet was 28, so playing age range early-20s/late-30s.

    WALLACE HARTLEY: Leader of the Titanic orchestra. Hartley was 33, so playing age range mid-20s/early-40s. Two songs, one line of dialogue in Act One.

    ISIDOR STRAUS, Jewish American: 1st class. Owner of Macy’s department store in New York. Devoted to his wife. Isidor was 67, so playing age range late-50s/early-70s.

    IDA STRAUS, Jewish American: 1st class. Devoted to her husband, refused to get into a lifeboat without him. Ida was 63, so playing age range late-50s/early-70s.

    JIM FARRELL, Irish: One of a large number of Irish immigrants in steerage (3rd class) looking to start afresh in America. Romance with Kate McGowan. Farrell was 25, so playing age range late-teens/early-30s.

    KATE MCGOWAN, Irish: Another Irish immigrant (steerage/3rd class) and works predominantly as one of ‘The Three Kates’. Romance with Jim Farrell. In reality, Kate McGowan was 42 and never met Jim Farrell and should perhaps be based on Annie McGowan, another passenger who was 17. Playing age range is late-teens/late-20s.

    KATE MULLINS, Irish: One of ‘The Three Kates’ from steerage (3rd class), Mullins was 21, so playing age range is late-teens/late-20s.

    KATE MURPHEY, Irish: One of ‘The Three Kates’ from steerage (3rd class), Murphey was 18, so playing age range is late-teens/late-20s

    ALICE BEANE, American: 2nd class and very upwardly mobile, providing a bit of comedy. Her most important singing work is a surprising amount of patter song. In the show is American but in reality was called Ethel, aged 19 and was English! Therefore, playing age range from late-teens/late-40s.

    EDGAR BEANE, American: 2nd class, more content and less ambitious than his wife. More dialogue than singing. In the show is American but in reality was called Edward, aged 32 and English. Therefore, playing age range from early-20s/late-40s.

    CAROLINE NEVILLE: 2nd class, engaged to marry Charles Clarke (in actuality they were married and her name was Ada) and looking to make a new start. Ada was 29, so playing age range is mid-20s/early-40s.

    CHARLES CLARKE: 2nd class, engaged to Caroline, wanting to make a new life for themselves in America, he as a journalist. Charles was 28, so playing age range is mid-20s/early-40s.

    HENRY ETCHES: 1st class steward (think a waiter and butler combined). Has served on White Star Line ships for some time and is very proud of the fact. Etches was 41 but as stewards came in all ages, playing age range can be anything from early-30s/mid-50s.

    BELLBOY: He takes care of the passengers’ needs, announces the meals, and assists the other staff. He has a poignant moment with the Captain as the ship is sinking, playing age is 16 – 19.

    The Directors

  • Dave Ludt (stage)
  • John Leslie (music)
  • Karen White (dance)

    The Rehearsals

    To be determined with the cast.

    The Performances

    May 17 - 27:

  • 7:30 pm performances on Thu., Fri., Sat. (Thursday first weekend only)
  • 2:00 pm matinee performances on Sundays
  • The Auditions

  • Saturday, January 20, 1 pm - 3 pm
  • Sunday, January 21, 7 pm - 9 pm
  • Monday, January 22, 7 pm - 9 pm
  • Auditionees should prepare 2 songs from a Broadway musical - 1 ballad and 1 up-tempo piece (refrain/chorus only) - and should bring copies of the music (in the correct key) for the accompanist.

    No a cappella singing will be allowed.

    For additional information, or to schedule an audition appointment by phone, please call Calliope Productions at (508) 869-6887.